By Andrea Romano
May 20, 2017
Sheraton hotel in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
Credit: Francois ANCELLET/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

The best thing to pack for your vacation is some good, succinct travel advice.

User @SotallyToberHTs hosted a hashtag game on Twitter asking other users for their best, and shortest, vacation guidance with the hashtag, #5WordVacationTips.

Some people opted for more sincere advice like “watch out for the jellyfish”, “research your destination before traveling,” and “do not forget the sunscreen,” while others, as always, used the hashtag as an opportunity to flex their comedic muscles.

Tips like “take me with you please” and “vacation calories do not count” aren’t exactly useful, except for a laugh. But if you scroll through the hashtag, you might find several perfect nuggets of wisdom anyone can take on as mantras as they jetset to their chosen vacation spots.

Even though world travelers are a bevy of knowledge that they’re aching to share with others, it’s always good to keep it short and sweet. People have planes to catch.