The First Thing You Should Do When You Check Into Your Hotel Room (Video)

According to a designer.

After a long day of traveling, it can be tempting to walk right into your hotel room, drop your bags, and dive right into bed. But according to designer Karim Rashid, there's one thing you should absolutely do before settling in.

Rashid, who recent spoke to Bloomberg, says travelers should always remove random objects and clutter from every surface before you unpack.

“The hotel industry loves to fill rooms up with things, which comes from the idea that a hotel room is an extension of your home. But for me, it’s too much stuff, too much clutter,” Rashid told Bloomberg.

Every pen, notepad, tiny shampoo bottle, hotel menu, or other extraneous item, Rashid says, should be put away and out of sight. This can help you relax and, contrary to what you might think,feel more at home in your room

Rashid even went one step further during one hotel stay in New York.

“I removed almost all the furniture and rearranged the bed. It was up against the window, with the light behind you, and you want to wake up looking at daylight coming in through the window. When I left, the manager came to me and said, ‘Thanks, we really like what you did with the room.’”

Find out more about how Rashid travels on Bloomberg.

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