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By Lindsey Campbell
July 12, 2016
Family Travel Planning Tips
Credit: Getty Images

Whether you’re looking for a great value or fun for all ages, planning a family getaway can be stressful. Follow these tips to plan a memory-filled vacation with the ones you love. [New York Times]

It’s no secret we think traveling in the name of great food is a good idea. Love food as much as we do? Meet your new favorite podcast: Prince Street. In its latest episode the monthly podcast devoted to adventures in food, explores ‘Rule Breakers’—chefs who use food to push boundaries and change culture. [Prince Street]

You may know coral is alive, but do you know just how alive it actually is? While you mostly just see it lying dormant on the ocean’s floor, new imaging technology is giving scientists a closer look at the daily lives of these creatures—and they’ve seen some pretty cool things. [Discover Magazine]

There are many types of travelers in this world—which type are you? Here, a comedic take from The Cooper Review detailing the habits of each kind. []

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