You're Most Likely to Fall in Love at These Airports

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Most time in airports is spent waiting: waiting in security lines, waiting for your plane to take off, waiting to pick up your baggage. But what if some of that time was spent falling in love? Well, according to one report, you’re most likely to fall in love in these international airports. [Lonely Planet]

No matter where you are when a heat wave hits one of two things immediately runs through your mind: 1) I must find the closest body of water, and 2) I must find somewhere with air conditioning. Well, if jumping into the nearest body of water is out of the question, this little gadget is here to help. Meet Zero Breeze, the first portable air conditioner that will keep you cool on the go. [The Points Guy]

Thinking of ending the summer with an epic road trip? You’re not alone. In the first 6 months of 2016 U.S. drivers hit a record 1.58 trillion miles, up 3.3 percent from last year. [Reuters]

It’s no secret the Great Barrier Reef is in danger of coral bleaching. This risk, as it stands fuels 69 percent of the reef’s visitors to catch the wonder before it’s gone. [The Guardian]

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