The 13 Best Fake Engagement Rings of 2023

The Lafonn simulated diamond ring is a beautiful, convincing fake.

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Fake Engagement Ring While Traveling

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If you want to flaunt your love while traveling but are too nervous to wear your very real rock, consider a fake engagement ring. Swapping out an expensive, possibly priceless (sentimental value!) diamond for a faux engagement ring is wise considering whether it’s loss, damage, carelessness, or theft, bringing the real object of your affection on a trip means you could potentially lose it. Plus, traveler’s insurance is expensive. A fake engagement ring puts that money to better use and your mind at ease.

These pretty “fakes” come in crystal, cubic zirconia, white sapphire, and topaz as well as real diamonds, and they’re available in princess-cut, halo, square-cut, teardrop, three-stone, vintage styles, and more. You can choose something set atop sterling silver like our overall favorite fake, the elegant Lafonn Simulated Diamond Ring, or opt for a platinum, gold-plated, or rose gold-plated band. From good cheap knock-offs to mid-range lookalikes to luxe cocktail rings you can continue to wear regularly (just slip it on your other hand), we’ve selected a variety of styles from classic to out-of-the-box designs in price ranges to suit every budget. All can be worn by adventurers and poolside loungers alike in lieu of the real thing, with a lot less worry.

These are our top selections for the best fake engagement rings.

Best Overall

Lafonn Stimulated Diamond Ring

Lafonn Stimulated Diamond Ring


Why We Love It: This elegant ring boasts seven emerald-cut simulated diamonds that look nearly identical to real diamonds — but cost a lot less.

What to Consider: Though more expensive than some other fake engagement rings, its design lends itself to daily wear on your other hand or stacking on a different finger. 

Lab-created diamonds are a cautious traveler’s best friend! This elegant Lafonn ring features seven graduated emerald-cut stones – that’s 2.82 carats worth of simulated diamonds. A classic choice that’s popular with royalty and celebrities (Queen Elizabeth, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor to name a few), the equivalent amount of real diamonds would cost many thousands of dollars. Simulated diamonds are made to mimic the look and feel of mined diamonds, but they are created with a variety of materials and don’t have the same chemical composition. Emerald-cut diamonds have an octagon-like shape, and when they’re real, they tend to be more expensive due to the gem’s clarity. This impressive faux sparkler has a timeless design, with the stones set upon a sterling silver band bonded with platinum. This glamorous ring is worthy of daily wear even after you’ve returned from vacation.

Price at time of publish: $195

Gemstone: Simulated diamond | Band material: Sterling silver bonded with platinum | Sizes available: 6, 7, 8

Best Budget

EAMTI Sterling Silver Cushion-cut CZ Engagement Ring

Eamti Sterling Silver Cushion-cut CZ Engagement Ring


Why We Love It: This inexpensive beauty has a classic engagement ring look and offers your choice of silver, gold, or rose gold bands.

What to Consider: Sterling silver is a precious metal that can easily oxidize, so avoid lotions and household cleaners when wearing this ring.

One of the lowest-cost rings on our list, this cushion-cut cubic zirconia center stone looks like an authentic diamond. It’s a high-quality sparkling rock boasting considerable clarity for the price. The band features a half-circle of twinkling mini CZs and is made of solid sterling silver. Plus, it comes in three pretty colors: silver, gold, and rose gold. This ring is so affordable, those who love variety could even experiment and buy all three for fun. We appreciate the ring’s classic, four-prong setting that keeps the center gem secure with that stylish appearance of floating above the delicate band. Understated and elegant, this simple yet lovely design never goes out of fashion. 

Price at time of publish: $21

Gemstone: Cubic zirconia | Band material: Sterling silver | Sizes available: 4-10

Best Halo

Jeulia Sterling Silver Floral Halo Solitaire Flower Ring

Jeulia Sterling Silver Floral Halo Solitaire Flower Ring


Why We Love It: Distinctive and romantic, this floral halo ring is so stunning it could be the real thing, but it’s affordable enough to be worn anywhere, anytime. 

What to Consider: We love the unique look of the rose gold-plated twist version, but the color may fade over time.

Calling all modern-day hippie chicks: The unique floral design of this halo solitaire fake engagement ring is a charming mix of old and new. The twisted shank is reminiscent of vintage rings, while the rose gold-plated version feels on-trend with contemporary styles. Feminine and shimmering, the intricate swirling frame of smaller round stones showcases a round-cut center simulated diamond. While halos are always pretty, this delightfully sparkling-from-every-angle, flower-detailed ring is an eye-catcher. The main AAA Jeulia diamond gives off a rainbow twinkle in the sunshine, while the smaller side-stones are a glistening white. We love the uncommon look of the rose gold-plated version, but the monochromatic sterling silver ring is equally pretty. This ring is nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium-free, allergy-free, and tarnish-resistant.

Price at time of publish: $145-$155

Gemstone: Simulated diamond | Band material: Sterling silver | Sizes available: 5-10

Best Sustainable

Monica Vinader Essential Diamond Ring

Monica Vinader Essential Diamond Ring


Why We Love It: This real diamond is sustainably sourced, made with recycled sterling silver, and emphasizes a modern, minimalist design.

What to Consider: Yes, the 0.05 carat diamond is small, but it’s a real “fake” that can be styled, stacked, personalized, or engraved and worn well beyond a vacation.

Best known for its everyday fine — and eco-friendly — jewelry, Monica Vinader produced this minimalist, exquisite statement piece that’s just fancy enough to pass as an understated engagement ring. There’s nothing fake about this pretty, sparkly round diamond, and all the materials, band-included, are sustainably sourced. The brand is mindful of its environmental impact, using materials that limit the levels of chemicals, water, and wastewater that go into the production process. In particular, this ring’s band is made from recycled sterling silver that’s plated in a layer of real gold (yellow or rose). Compared to solid gold, it’s the next best choice quality-wise. The ring band also comes in sterling silver, which fans note makes the diamond appear even larger on their finger. Wear it on vacation, wear it on Earth Day, or wear it any day on a different finger as part of a stylish stack for a beautifully unique aesthetic.

Price at time of publish: $175-$195

Gemstone: Diamond | Band material: Recycled sterling silver/18k-gold plate | Sizes available: 4.5-9

Best Three-stone

Crislu 3-stone Cubic Zirconia Ring

Crislu 3-stone Cubic Zirconia Ring


Why We Love It: This graceful ring’s CZ trio set upon a platinum-plated sterling silver band is crisp, classic, and won’t cause you to worry if you did happen to lose it.

What to Consider: The band isn’t real white gold, but if you tend to get rashes from it, you’ll appreciate the fact that this ring is 100 percent hypoallergenic. 

We love the design and symbolism of three stones — they represent the past, present, and future — which makes this Crislu ring a timeless, sophisticated keeper. Featuring high-quality cubic zirconia gems set upon a 925 sterling silver, pure platinum-plated band, this traditional design suits both a refined taste as well as a wallet-conscious budget. This sparkler is well worth its price tag whether you wear it solely while traveling or decide to stack it for a chic effect. The hypoallergenic band is another nice-to-have, and Crislu notes the ring is 100 percent fine-jewelry-cleaner-safe.

Price at time of publish: $98

Gemstone: Cubic zirconia | Band material: Platinum-plated sterling silver | Sizes available: 5-9

Best Solitaire

Lafonn Solitaire Pear Cut Stimulated Diamond Ring

Lafonn Solitaire Pear Cut Stimulated Diamond Ring


Why We Love It:  The pear-shaped solitaire is a timeless classic, and this 3-carat simulated diamond ring is a fraction of the cost of a same-size natural diamond.

What to Consider: Pear-shaped gemstones have a delicate, pointed tip that can snag clothing threads when not fully protected by the setting.

Pear-shaped engagement rings are a perennial favorite among brides, and one reason they’re popular is the cut’s elongating effect. We admire this particular ring for its artful four-claw prong setting, alongside 14 smaller round simulated diamonds dotting the platinum-bonded sterling silver band. The shimmering gem looks real and possesses a symmetrical length-to-width ratio. Colorwise, pear diamonds tend to show off more color than other cuts, plus the brilliance of a pear-cut (or teardrop) often hides flaws better than others. This solitaire pear is polished and stately without being ostentatious. 

Price at time of publish: $195

Gemstone: Simulated diamond | Band material: Sterling silver bonded with platinum | Sizes available: 6, 7, 8

Best Square-cut

Short & Suite Baby Square Crystal Ring

Short & Suite


Why We Love It: This glam cocktail ring is a unique and playful alternative to traditional engagement rings, even fake ones.

What to Consider: The highest quality crystal is still much more delicate than a real diamond.

This charming ring is different from the usual square-cut diamond band, but it’s also a lot more versatile. Fourteen-karat gold-plated and flaunting a sizable and glimmering, faceted crystal, the Short & Suite cocktail ring has a chunky-trendy look that’s perfect for day or night wear. While the white (or clear) crystal option is most conducive as a fake engagement ring, it’s also available in a canary yellow crystal that’s equally stunning for those open to experimentation. The brand makes similar rings in various cuts with green, blue, and pink beveled crystals. Colorful engagement rings, including blue sapphires, green emeralds, and fiery opals, have become a trend in recent years. We like how the cubic white version featured here can be styled with any outfit, though.

Price at time of publish: $60

Gemstone: Glass crystal | Band material: 14-karat gold-plated | Sizes available: 5, 6

Best Teardrop

Generic 14K Gold Teardrop Opal Ring Double Halo CZ Engagement Ring

 14K Gold Teardrop Opal Ring Double Halo CZ Engagement Ring


Why We Love It: For those who want to experiment with a colored gemstone, this teardrop opal surrounded by Swarovski crystals is a fun stunner.

What to Consider: The designer notes to refrain from using alcohol-based hand sanitizer when sporting this ring because it may dull its shine.

Might as well throw all rules out the window when shopping for a fake engagement ring! If you’ve got a real diamond sparkler already, why not be adventurous and try a different gemstone while traveling? We love the more recent trend of swapping in an iridescent opal as the centerpiece sparkler. However, opals are a much softer stone than diamond, cubic zirconia, and many other diamond substitutes, weighing in at 5 to 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale (see more information below), so you’ll want to be mindful of these delicate gems. Still, this teardrop-shaped ring has such an eye-catching, luminous quality with its kaleidoscope of colors – soft milky whites, brilliant blues and greens, pops of pink — all set upon your choice of 925 sterling silver band plated in platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold. The design lends itself perfectly to a funky faux engagement ring for travel purposes, or a fabulous cocktail ring to snazz up your jewelry game.

Price at time of publish: $70

Gemstone: Opal and Swarovski diamonds | Band material: Sterling silver plated in platinum, yellow, or rose gold | Sizes available: Customizable

Best Rose Gold

Fine Color Jewels Round White Topaz Rose Gold Plated Engagement Ring

Fine Color Jewels Round White Topaz Rose Gold Plated Engagement Ring


Why We Love It: This Fine Color Jewels ring is a pretty and affordable way to try out the rose gold engagement ring trend.

What to Consider: The ring band is rose gold-plated sterling silver, and some customers have noted that the white topaz became cloudy rather quickly.

Do you prefer a relatively low-cost fake engagement ring for travel that not only appears real but is on-trend? Check out this Fine Color Jewels beauty that rings in at a budget-friendly price. If you married prior to 2010, you may have missed the wave of rose gold wedding and engagement rings. Here’s your chance! For those who love the look as much as we do, this romantic piece boasts a substantial, round-cut 1.1-carat white topaz precious gemstone, along with a halo of smaller white topaz accent stones. Yet again, this ring could easily be worn on your right hand as a cocktail ring. Plus, we admire how Fine Color Jewels is partnered with Girl Up Foundation, an organization on a mission to advance the skills, rights, and opportunities of girls and women across the globe. You’ll look good and feel good wearing this rose gold and topaz statement piece.

Price at time of publish: $49

Gemstone: White topaz | Band material: Rose gold-plated sterling silver | Sizes available: 5-8

Best Emerald-cut

Mameloly Emerald-cut Cubic Zirconia Curved Halo Engagement Ring

 Mameloly Emerald-cut Cubic Zirconia Curved Halo Engagement Ring


Why We Love It: This high-quality emerald-cut cubic zirconia is durable and ethically sustainable.

What to Consider: Avoid wearing this ring in the shower or while swimming as it may oxidize in water.

This glitzy, emerald-cut cubic zirconia faux engagement ring by Mameloly features inexpensive materials, yet still looks luxurious. The center gem and accent stones are CZ and set in gold-plated silver, but only a well-trained eye would know this ring isn’t the real deal. We love the symmetry and sparkle of the 2-carat main stone, which is both glamorous and classic, with more than a hint of vintage art deco style. Plus, the design comes in your choice of gold, rose gold, or white gold-plated silver band and setting.

Price at time of publish: $17

Gemstone: Cubic zirconia | Band material: Gold-plated silver | Sizes available: 4-12

Best Princess-cut

PalmBeach Jewelry Platinum Over Sterling Silver Princess-cut Created Sapphire Three-stone Ring

PalmBeach JewelryPlatinum Over Sterling Silver Princess-cut Created Sapphire Three-stone Ring


Why We Love It: You don’t need a royal-sized budget to feel like a million bucks when slipping this brilliant princess-cut, three-stone lab-created white sapphire onto your ring finger.

What to Consider: Avoid putting on hand lotion while wearing this ring in order to keep it from dulling or becoming foggy.

The princess-cut originated in the ’60s and had its heyday in the ’80s but has held on as the second most popular diamond cut through this century. Technically a “square modified brilliant,” the princess-cut has a square or rectangular shape when viewed from above but from a side view appears as an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides. It’s become a classic design yet still captures a contemporary feel, like this Palm Beach Jewelry ring that combines the geometric cut with a three-stone setting and smaller accent sparklers for a total of 24 gems. The lab-created white sapphires are set upon a platinum-plated sterling silver band for an icy monochromatic fake engagement ring that is sparkly and appears expensive without breaking the bank.

Price at time of publish: $100

Gemstone: Lab-created white sapphire | Band material: Platinum-plated sterling silver | Sizes available: 6-10

Best Vintage-inspired

DovEggs Sterling Silver Round Cut Moissanite Vintage Flower Bezel Engagement Ring

 DovEggs Sterling Silver Round Cut Moissanite Vintage Flower Bezel Engagement Ring


Why We Love It: This faux-vintage engagement ring looks like a real family heirloom.

What to Consider: DovEggs cautions not to wear this ring while swimming, especially in seawater, but says the shower is fine and that it will hold up to daily wear otherwise.

 Vintage engagement rings, including fakes, never go out of style. Authentic vintage rings are at least 20 years or older, and those over 50 years old qualify as antique. If you prefer a new ring that looks like it came from a fancy estate sale but you’re working with a modest budget, there are a slew of beautiful options for your temporary travel ring. This round-cut, low-cost moissanite center stone is framed by a sterling silver bezel, milgrain, and intricate swirls of smaller stones upon a platinum-plated silver band. The culminating effect is an elegant art deco look that appears and feels real on your finger. Durably crafted with high standards versus being mass-produced, this DovEggs bauble is an excellent mid-range selection and also qualifies for cocktail ring status on your left hand when it's not in use as a travel fake. The piece comes with a limited lifetime post-sale warranty and is eligible for replacement or remedy in case of defects.

Price at time of publish: $179

Gemstone: Moissanite | Band material: Sterling silver | Sizes available: 4.5-10.5

Best Unique

David Yurman Cable Collectibles Quatrefoil Ring With Diamonds

 David Yurman Cable Collectibles Quatrefoil Ring With Diamonds


Why We Love It: Equal parts dainty and striking, this everyday signet piece by iconic designer David Yurman doubles as a chic engagement ring.

What to Consider: Though inexpensive in comparison to traditional engagement rings, Yurman’s designs will appreciate in value over time.

A gorgeous renaissance ring that’s wearable every day, this piece will have you oohing and ahhing over it wherever you go. The ring features a pretty cluster of real pavé diamonds, elevating the romantic factor with a petite flash of bling. That authentic sparkle and the sterling silver cable band push this ring’s price to the higher end of this list. However, the comfort and versatility of a simple signet mean it may be worn well on either hand or as a travel engagement ring. However you wear it, it’s a beautiful collectible or legacy piece, so careful not to lose this so-called fake.

Price at time of publish: $350

Gemstone: Pavé diamonds | Band material: Sterling silver | Sizes available: 4.5-8.5

Tips for Buying a Fake Engagement Ring

Decide whether you want to try something new or replicate your real ring

Rings come in a wide range of styles and costs. Whether or not your fake engagement ring is worth a higher price tag may simply come down to preference: Do you want a simple replica of your real ring, i.e., something passable that gets the job done, or a unique new piece of jewelry that sparks joy independent of its original intended travel purpose? Of course, budget is another important factor to consider. Your real rock may be worth many thousands of dollars, but how much are you comfortable spending on a temporary ring? If the ring is truly just for travel, maybe $20 to $100 is your maximum. But if you prefer something that feels like a stylish alternative, and you’re likely to wear it well — and far beyond the honeymoon phase — investing a couple of hundred dollars in a “faux” engagement-turned-cocktail ring you adore may be a better bet.

Look for cubic zirconia and other gems to resemble a diamond

Some rings on this list feature a cubic zirconia gemstone — but not all! Moissanite, white sapphire, white topaz, and even crystal can masquerade as diamonds. But yes, cubic zirconia (also referred to as CZ) is the most popular alternative to diamond and a favorite among designers and brides for its similar qualities and resemblance to the dazzling April birthstone. Though natural cubic zirconia exists, it is rare, and the kind used in jewelry is usually man-made in a lab. Affordable and durable, when examined by the naked eye, cubic zirconia should be eye-clean, meaning no visible blemishes or inclusions like cloudy spots, pinpoints, or crystal clusters. They should be colorless, boast an intense sparkle and brilliance, and score around 8.25 to 8.5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness versus diamonds, which are the world’s hardest gems with a 10 Mohs rating. And for those curious about how to tell cubic zirconia and diamond apart by sight, a CZ gives off a rainbow-colored light dispersion in natural light, while diamond light is more white and brilliant.

Moissanite comes in at a durable 9.25 on the Mohs scale, so it too is suited for daily wear. It may be naturally occurring or lab-grown. Similar to CZ, moissanite has a rainbow-like effect in its brilliance. The resulting multi-faceted pattern is different from a diamond, almost more like a disco ball. It’s important to note that while moissanite may project a white or colorless appearance, these gems do sometimes look grayish or yellowish. That said, a moissanite engagement ring will be significantly cheaper than a real diamond.

White topaz is another alternative to diamond. Like CZ, it scores around an 8 on the Mohs scale, which means it may scratch easier than other stones. This also means it will likely lose its sparkle over time, although it can be professionally polished. However, unlike CZ, it is a natural gemstone, which matters to some folks. On the refractive index, which measures brilliance, topaz scores 1.64 versus diamond’s 2.42. And while diamonds are relatively rare, topaz is readily available and, thus, more affordable. 

White sapphires are another popular option instead of a real diamond. They’re also a precious gem and look a lot like diamonds without the price tag. As with topaz, white sapphires have a lower refractive index, so they need regular cleaning to stay brilliant. They also have more of a muted, silvery sparkle as opposed to a diamond’s glittery white brilliance. With a 9 on the Mohs scale, it’s more durable than CZ or topaz. 

Finally, crystal, quartz crystal, and even glass are popular, inexpensive alternatives to diamonds. They are each composed of silicon dioxide but have different atomic structures. Crystal is the most common mineral that resembles a diamond, but when looking down at quartz you’ll see it has a hexagonal shape with six sides whereas diamonds have four sides. Note: Crystal is a lot more delicate and breakable than diamonds or other gems on this list. 

Don't go too big — know your size

Generally speaking, it’s wise to know your ring size before purchasing a fake engagement ring. There are many ring size charts available that can help you determine your finger measurements. If the fit still ends up a bit too big or too small, you may have a ring resized by a professional jeweler. Keep in mind that rings often can’t be adjusted more than two sizes up or down, but decreasing (or increasing) it is a fairly simple process that should only take one to two weeks. If the ring is significantly too large, a better bet is to exchange it for the correct size if possible or return it and request a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why should I wear a fake engagement ring?

    There are plenty of practical and personal reasons to wear a fake engagement ring. The answer to this question mainly comes down to security and peace of mind as well as a few individual factors: your anxiety about or tendency to lose belongings while traveling, the relative safety or crime levels of the place you’re visiting, whether you’re a single woman who wants to stave off unwanted attention, and if you’re worried that someone may spot a “fake” diamond (and do you even care what strangers think?). On the other hand, maybe you just want an excuse to buy a stylish new cocktail ring or see how you feel experimenting with a different style or an unusual gemstone, such as an opal or sapphire. 

  • How can I spot a fake engagement ring?

    First of all, there is no way the naked eye or an at-home test can distinguish between a natural and lab-grown diamond. That requires a special machine. So, never fear if your cheaper diamond gemstone is man-made. Nobody but you (and the jeweler you bought it from) will know. Otherwise, diamonds have a number of impressive imposters. See the list above for specific details, but cubic zirconia, white topaz, white sapphire, moissanite, and crystal all feature subtle yet important qualities that allow you to spot a fake if you know what exactly to look for. From the color of the light they refract (rainbow vs. white, for example) to hardness (non-diamonds tend to appear damaged much quicker) to brilliance (“fake” gems get cloudy more easily), a faux engagement ring will lose its luster faster than the real thing. Still, to the average person, CZ and moissanite especially will resemble real diamonds. All that said, wearing a unique fake engagement ring with a canary yellow CZ or large pearl is a cool trend that undermines any real versus fake snobbery you may encounter.

  • How do I care for my fake engagement ring?

    All kinds of gemstone rings can become dirty with a buildup of oil and dirt. This thin film of debris can block light interactions with gems, causing them to lose their sparkle. Most jewelers recommend simply cleaning your ring with warm water and a bit of mild dishwashing soap or a few pumps of hand soap. Just drop it in the soapy solution and gently rub it with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Or you may let it sit in a plastic bag or glass jar for a few minutes, hours, or overnight. Just be sure to close or cover the sink drain while cleaning it. Once you’re satisfied with the clarity, pat the ring dry. Experts recommend cleaning a ring once a month or so.


    Certain gems may have negative interactions with chemicals such as cleaning supplies, hair products, or skin moisturizers. Treated stones like topaz could be vulnerable to water temperature, so avoid wearing your ring in the shower, hot tub, or warm bodies of water. Ask your jeweler, or do some internet research, to find out the best care procedure for your specific gemstone and band.

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