This App Will Help You Actually Relax on Vacation

Use your phone to then...not look at your phone.

Taking a vacation should be exactly that — a vacation.

However, the various stresses of daily life, whether it be professional or personal, that we try to get away from can pull us back in — even when on a beach or in a beautiful new city. In fact, a 2021 survey by executive search firm Korn Ferry, 61% says professionals plan to check in at least once a day with work.

Thankfully, that same survey found that 79% of professionals say they'll use more vacation days in this year, and 46% said they'd use more vacation days in 2021, and 46% say they will take a longer vacation than in past years

Enter Fabulous, a routine building app rooted in a science-backed approach to help you achieve all your goals. The platform uses a game-style approach to make forming your routine not feel like work at all but rather a series of small tasks — plan-making prompts, an emphasis on starting small, and positive reinforcement — you can easily accomplish.

"Anyone can take a break. But few realize one can take a vacation that brings enjoyment in the moment and rejuvenates you for your return. It's more fun to be productive when you get back to work than suffer a vacation hangover. Using the Fabulous app in this way is an investment not just in work-life balance, but work-life joy," CEO and co-founder of Fabulous Sami Hassine told Travel + Leisure. "Remembering the basics on break will maximize positive experiences. Little things like remembering to hydrate will lessen headaches from different weather. Nightly coaching can bring better sleep - especially when one's circadian rhythms are disrupted."

So what is the best way to use Fabulous when you are on vacation? The app's Psychologist and Senior Executive at Fabulous, Jazmin Quill, along with Hassine weighed in with their best tips and ways to use the app for the most relaxing trip from departure to return.

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Try to maintain a sleep schedule.

"Sleep is one of those things that can be thrown off very easily while traveling, whether it's to another time zone or even local," Quill said. "You want to take advantage of every minute on vacation.

She suggests establishing a nightly ritual to create a "sense of wind down and normalcy," mentioning that the Fabulous app's nightly coaching function will help you maintain your bedtime routine if you've already created one before your trip.

"It can make shifting from activity to rest easy, and bring a familiar and content feeling in unfamiliar places," she added, noting that the app has night routine audio coaching to provide for a good night's sleep.

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Be present!

"No matter where we go, we have a tendency to bring the stress of work or the sense of needing to stay connected via phone or through social media," she noted. "Being present is one of the most important things you can do mentally and one of the most difficult!"

Fabulous features a "disconnect and unplug" function that can be that gentle nudge that gets you off social media. The app consists of 2-3 minute coaching audio sessions that tackle different topics from self-care, focus, being more present, mindfulness.

Use travel to help find a purpose.

"Often when you meander through everyday life, you lose track of the bigger picture. Traveling gives time to introspect," Quill said.

Cue Fabulous' coaching series on purpose which provides a prompt "to ponder whether your life is aligning with your internal goals."

Quill also suggests using the app's journaling feature to solidify your feelings in writing.

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De-stress — but actually.

"Stress can have a number of negative impacts on not only your mind but also your body," Quill said. "Fabulous champions meditation and what better place to do that than on a beach or hike or vacation period!"

Specific guided meditation sessions in the app focus on feelings like gratitude, mindfulness, and presence. Fabulous also has reminders for self-care and taking even a moment to breathe.

"When you are away from home and on vacation, a space opens up to tune into how you feel," Hassine added, mentioning that the app consists of coaching series to address various emotions, including anxiety and grief or activities like yoga along with their meditation feature.

"The catalog ranges from habit formation, to what transformation feels like, and beyond." she said. "Perhaps the most vital thing one can give themselves in their time away is the self-compassion that Fabulous reminds you to absorb. This alone can make an extraordinary shift in one's psyche and create a real path to a life well-lived."

Or even just eliminating the need for another vacation — after your vacation — upon your return.

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