Travel makes Instagram better.

By Cailey Rizzo
October 12, 2018
Two boys looking down to the terraces of Machu Picchu, walking to the exit of the park in a cloudy but sunny day at sunset
Credit: Agustina Camilion/Getty Images

Whether you’re posting memories from the road or just sourcing inspiration for your next trip, Instagram has become a vital tool for the modern digital traveler. And now easyJet is making it possible to book your trip from the social app.

The airline’s new look&book feature allows Instagram followers to spot a destination online and immediately book a plane ticket there.

If you spot a photo on Instagram that spurs your wanderlust, take a screenshot of it and upload it to look&book. Using geolocation tagging, easyJet will match the picture to a destination, suggest travel dates and show users a few price points that are currently available. When you spot travel that works for you, you’ll be able to book it directly and seamlessly in the app.

“We were also aware of what was going on in Instagram – that aspirational feel that when you see a celebrity or a friend doing something fun and wanting to know where they are,” Daniel Young, easyJet’s head of digital experience, told Campaign. “But what was happening was you find the photo, try and work out where it is, go into Google and find the nearest airport, then go to an airline’s website. We saw an opportunity to close that gap into a seamless process.”

Although the process is enticing, you won’t be able to use it to book a flight simply anywhere in the world. easyJet only services airports in Europe, Iceland and Northern Africa.

But when you do make it to that instagram worthy location, you'd better be prepared with the perfect vacation Instagram caption to inspire someone else's trip.