When a flight delay caused an entire class to miss a day of school, one Easy Jet pilot flew in to save the day—with excused absence notes.

By Erika Owen
December 10, 2015
© Gary Spain / Alamy Stock Photo

Thirty-one students and a teacher missed a day of school after their flight from Cypress to London Gatwick was delayed 20 hours due to fog conditions. In an effort to lighten to mood, the Easy Jet pilot, Captain Wayne Mott, offered to write notes to all of the students' teachers. Here's the kicker: 32 people took him up on the offer.

His note to one student read as follows: "I am very sorry that Joshua was not at school today. He has been involved in a secret mission in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea at very short notice. We hope that this mission will soon be complete and that he will see you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on Tuesday morning."

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