No window seat? No problem.

By Cailey Rizzo
April 19, 2017
Dream Sling travel pillow
Credit: Courtesy of Dream Sling

For travelers who need to lean their heads in order to fall asleep, a new travel pillow (now seeking funding on Kickstarter) could forever solve “the middle seat issue.”

The Dream Sling is a new pillow that “takes advantage of the gravitational force of your arms and redirects it to help support your head,” according to the product description.

When about to fall asleep, travelers place their heads on a tear-shaped pillow attached to a sling. Their arms pull down the sling, which pulls a lining, which presses down to make the pillow expand and “conform to support your head.” Because travelers place their arms within the sling, the company says that middle seat issues involving armrests are forever solved.

The inventor of the pillow, Aran Higa, said the idea for the pillow came by chance while he was helping his cousin move his auto shop business. Exhausted from carrying heavy equipment all day, Higa sat down, threaded his arms inside a nearby steering wheel cover, and fell asleep on his improvised pillow. For the past five years, Higa has been perfecting and patenting the design.

Dream Sling travel pillow
Credit: Courtesy of Dream Sling

The company claims that because the strap is adjustable, the Dream Sling will fit any adult from a size small to an XXXL. Customers can choose one of three colors (Midnight Navy, Moon Grey, or Siesta Blue) or, with a donation of $500, they can customize their own Dream Sling with whatever pattern they want.

The Dream Sling is available starting at $49 on Kickstarter. If the project receives full funding by May 1, pillows are due to be shipped out by August.