This Simple Disney Parenting Hack Will Change Your Entire Trip

Never lose your stroller again.

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom guest wearing Mickey Mouse ears with Mom written on the back
Photo: Mariah Tyler

Heading off on a Disneyland or Disney World vacation is an absolute dream come true, especially if you're getting to bring your little ones along. But, as anyone who has ever been to either park can tell you, things can get a little hectic with small children and all the goodies that come along with them. Luckily, one travel agent is sharing a super simple tip to keep you organized after each ride.

Lesley Sawhook, travel agent and owner of Exclusive Travel Partners, has made quite the name for herself on TikTok thanks to her quick and easy-to-follow travel tips. One of her best happens to be this simple hack for always being able to spot your stroller in Disney after finishing a spin on the Matterhorn, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, and more.

"Your stroller might not be in the same place that you left it when you come off an attraction," Sawhook said in a quick video she shared with her 230,000 followers. "Make it easy to spot your stroller in the sea of strollers with a balloon or a bright ribbon."

Easy, right? But that's not all. She also offered this gem: "Pick up one of those shoe organizer things, cut off the bottom, and attach it to your stroller for easy organization."

At the end of the video, Sawhook invited her followers to share their stroller tips — and man, did they deliver.

"Hide an AirTag somewhere on it," commenter Elizabeth Jett added. "Take a stroller rain cover," Karina Garza noted.

Other stellar tips included adding glow sticks to your stroller for easy spotting at night, and wrapping bright neon tape on the handle to differentiate it from all the rest.

Want more advice? Check out all of Sawhook's videos here, and read up on Travel + Leisure's guide to Disney mistakes to avoid so you're fully prepared for fun.

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