This is the game to beat when it comes to offline entertainment.

By Nikki Ekstein
January 06, 2016
© Hero Images Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo

If Dish Network has its way, you’ll never see the spinning wheel of death as your content fails to load over snail-paced hotel room Wi-Fi. And you’ll never smack your forehead in realization that you forgot to download the latest season of Downton Abbey pre-flight, either.

With its new device, Hopper Go, Dish Network basically guarantees its subscribers will never get bored in transit again—so long as you have a tablet or phone with enough battery life to get you through another episode of whatever-it-may-be. Hopper Go is essentially a portable DVR: it has 64 gigabytes of storage—enough to store 100 hours of mobile-optimized video content—that you can access entirely offline. And it’s compatible with an enormous range of providers, too. Basically anything that you can record on your TV at home, from cable to Showtime and HBO, can be loaded up on the Go. It's slated to hit shelves by spring 2016 for $99.

For travelers, this means you can store every season of Mad Men and catch up on literally hundreds of episodes without ever refreshing what's on the device. Or, for families, it means being able to store ample content for each kid and adult—the device can stream to five devices simultaneously. One more plus: whereas many streaming services restrict you to domestic-only use, the Go will work seamlessly anywhere in the world. In other words: there’s no need to fear that 12-hour flight to Dubai again.