Score an Entire Year Rent-free in Popular U.S. Cities With This Amazing Giveaway

Landing apartments are available in 200 cities throughout the U.S.

Digital nomadism was on the rise even before the pandemic made working from home the norm. Now, with more people enjoying the perks of working remotely, Landing, a flexible living company, is showing just how easy this lifestyle can be. And they're doing it by giving away a year's worth of free stays in their network of 35,000 fully furnished, ready-to-go apartments.

Landing uses a subscription-based model to give digital nomads the benefits of long-term rentals with the flexibility to move from one apartment to the next with no need to pay a security deposit or even set up utilities. Members can move freely throughout the network, with a minimum of 30 days required for each stay.

Landing, rental apartments in Dallas, LA and Chicago
Courtesy of Landing

Once they're ready to move on to another fully furnished home, the process is as easy as booking their next stay through the Landing app. As long as they give at least 30 days notice (14 days in some cases), they'll be ready to go.

"While I love to travel and explore new places, it's always been a hassle searching for apartments, dealing with moving costs, and then having to pack up and do it all over again," said Waseem Ahmad, a longtime Landing member, in a press release. "With Landing, all I need to do is choose my next apartment on the app and pack a few bags — Landing takes care of the rest. It's been a digital nomad's dream come true."

With the #LandingLife contest, three winners will get a taste of this lifestyle. The chosen digital nomads will pick four U.S. cities for their year of free living. Landing apartments are available in 200 cities across the U.S., including major metropolises like Chicago, Miami, and San Francisco.

Landing, rental apartments in Dallas, LA and Chicago
Courtesy of Landing

Not only will Landing cover their monthly rent, but the company will also include other "living fees'' usually paid for by members, including utilities, Wi-Fi, building parking, and more. For winners who would like a bit of company on their journey, up to one guest is allowed to join at any point throughout the year. Dogs are welcome, too.

"With Landing, you no longer have to choose between the adventures of travel and the comforts of home," said Bill Smith, founder and CEO of Landing, in a press release. "Landing unlocks an entirely new way to live, allowing you to move wherever life takes you, and experience more of what life has to offer. We're thrilled to give away the #LandingLife for an entire year to show people what living untethered is all about."

Landing, rental apartments in Dallas, LA and Chicago
Courtesy of Landing

Interested digital nomads can enter the contest at from Oct.19 to Nov. 15. To be considered, applicants will be asked to submit a 60-second video explaining what 12 months of flexible living would look like for them, and if selected, share highlights from their experiences with the Landing community over the course of their stay.

Winners will be announced on the Landing blog on Dec. 1. Winners will begin their year-long adventure in 2022.

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