Dhani Jones, Heather McMahan, Phil Rosenthal, and Travel + Leisure Editor in Chief Jacqueline Gifford on What They Miss Most About Traveling

From beach days to destination weddings, here is what the world is missing most.

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Photo: Courtesy of Travel + Leisure

What do you miss most about traveling? Is it dining out, gathering in public places like beaches, or perhaps seeing a show? Whatever it is, you're not alone. This segment of Travel + Leisure's The Evolution of Travel, hosted by Editor in Chief Jacqueline Gifford, reflects on the things travelers loved, hated, and admired about their past jetsetting opportunities, and looks ahead to future adventures.

NFL linebacker and TV Host Dhani Jones, actress and comedian Heather McMahan, and Somebody Feed Phil star Phil Rosenthal joined Gifford for the discussion in which they touched upon the way COVID-19 has simultaneously thwarted past plans and inspired new ones. McMahan, in particular, commented on her canceled wedding that was supposed to happen last fall.

"It has not been glamorous. I've had to reschedule my wedding like, two or three times in Italy," she explained. "[But] I basically said, when we can throw a party in Italy, we are going to throw the biggest party Italy's ever seen."

Watch the full discussion below.

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