Credit: Getty Images/Westend61

Imagine settling into the seat of your next flight and the flight attendant greets you by first name, notes that this is your fourth flight of the month, and then inquiries whether you’d like your favorite beverage before or after takeoff. You look around; yup, this is coach.

That’s the future Delta Air Lines wants you to imagine, having just announced new technology that provides flight attendants with personal flyer information. The new tool aggregates customer data provided in the booking process or loyalty members’ profiles and puts it literally in staff’s hands.

The information on each of Delta’s more than 22,000 flight attendants’ Lumia tablets is all the info flyers provided during a standard booking process: name, seat number, birthdate, meal choice, and any special needs.

More nuanced data is not yet available, but attention will be focused on the highest spending flyers when it is. Delta also has not yet addressed how to handle information that flyers would prefer not be available to the staff on their flight–a privacy and comfort issue that is likely to come up as this kind of data sharing spreads.

Samantha Shankman is the Consumer News Editor at Travel + Leisure.