By Cailey Rizzo
Updated: February 08, 2017
John Harper/Getty Images

Denmark needs help.

Last week, the country released a series of videos asking people around the world to help stop Danish tourists from burning in the sun.

“The strong sun damages our delicate skin and every day a Dane dies of skin cancer,” Mikael Bertelsen, a Danish TV presenter, tells viewers.

The cries for help went out to citizens of Danish-approved vacation spots around the world. Denmark appealed to Spain, France, Italy, Thailand, and Greece to help out their fairer-skinned tourists. Citizens from each of the five countries can sign up to protect Danes from sunburn at

“When we see a ray of sun, we throw caution to the wind and fry hour after hour,” Bertelsen explains, using a visual of sunburned Danes to show the true sensitivity of Danish skin.

Each commercial was personalized to help locals understand even more. For Spaniards, the Danish committee illustrated their point using paella. Sunburn was explained to Italians using pizza.

The campaign was released by the Danish Cancer society, who reports that Denmark has one of the highest rates of melanoma in the world.

As sunny days loom on the horizon, the tongue-in-cheek commercials are a good reminder to keep applying sunscreen while outdoors.

And if you see a Dane burning in the sand, be a good samaritan and lend them some SPF. Just remember to apply your own sunscreen before assisting others.