By Erika Owen
April 15, 2016
Cesky Krumlov with St Vitus church in background Czech Replublic
Credit: Getty Images/Radius Images

Don't fret: You can still call it the Czech Republic if you really, really want to. But the Czech government asks that you use "Czechia" instead. The name switch was a move to hopefully make it easier for "companies and sports teams, among others, to represent the country internationally (and, possibly, for fans to tweet about it)," according to a write-up on Atlas Obscura.

While the name switch may be news to most, the idea of adopting a one-word moniker is decades in the making, ever since Czechoslovakia officially dissolved. This nickname may not seem like such a big deal to some, but just look at what it did to France, otherwise known as the French Republic. Consider yourself prepped for your next session of country name trivia.

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