It doesn't even look like her.
Chelsey Ramos Stretch Passport Photo Printer Error Texas
Credit: Courtesy of Chelsey Ramos

Getting a new passport is, without question, one of the most tedious aspects of travel.

Yes, you get to fill up a new booklet with stamps from around the globe, but with that joy comes the pain of having to take a brand new passport photo, which means trying to look your best in terribly unflattering drugstore lighting for a photo that will represent you to customs officers for years to come.

But, for Chelsey Ramos, a 27-year-old traveler from Austin, Texas, bad lighting was the least of her problems.

When her new passport arrived in the mail, Ramos was shocked to find her photo stretched to within an inch of its life, making her look more like a member of the Conehead family than a human.

Chelsey Ramos Stretch Passport Photo Printer Error Texas
Credit: Courtesy of Chelsey Ramos

Still, Ramos and her boyfriend Reece Lagunas were able to find humor in the unfortunate mistake. Lagunas even shared the photo on Reddit with a caption reading, “The State Department nailed my girlfriend's passport.”

Since its posting, the image has received more than 3,700 comments and 109,000 upvotes. One commenter claiming to work for the Department of State even apologized for the sloppy work saying, “Whoops! U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs here. That is not our finest work. Please tell her we're sorry for the mistake and we're happy to fix it at no charge.”

But Ramos told Travel + Leisure she has a soft spot for the funky photo.

"I would have loved to keep this passport but decided to send it back because I don't want to run into any issues at the airport,” she said. “The state department was super helpful though and are swapping it out for free."

And as Lagunas told TeenVogue, the couple is just "happy people think it's funny and it's been received positively. He added, "Thankfully, it hasn't gone to her head."