The makeover of U.S. passports will help curb fakes.
United States Passport Upgrade
Credit: LA Times via Getty Images

Later this year, the U.S. will start issuing passports with a new design, created to be more resistant to fraud and forgery. We don’t know what it looks like, so we can’t show you, but here are some of the changes to expect.

Paper Gets Cut

The bio page will be made from polycarbonate that allows the photo and data to be laser-engraved on it.

Laser with an Angle

Tearing out or subbing in pages will be more difficult, since the passport number will be cut through all pages with conical laser perforation, which makes holes that get smaller from front to back.

Inks Are Inventive

Some designs on the pages will be raised, or “tactile.” Special ink will appear to be green or gold, depending on the viewing angle.