We Live Here Now
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Emily and Jason Landis, two 26-year-olds from Louisville, Kentucky, are out to prove that all it takes to live their best life is a $1,500 minivan and a lust for adventure.

Shortly after saying “I do,” the newlyweds decided to purchase a 1990 Dodge Ram B150 camper van and outfit it with everything they’d need to travel the world.

“After graduating, we spent a month backpacking in Europe before moving first to Denver, Colorado and then to Portland, Oregon, traveling all over the country on the way,” the couple told the Daily Mail. “After living in Portland for a year we decided that signing another year lease wasn't right for us. We spent all our free time camping and exploring so we decided to figure out how to make that our full-time life rather than only doing it on our days off.”

The pair, who are currently in Groveland, California, explained that they both work seasonal jobs in a restaurant near Yosemite National Park, which allows them to travel around the country in their four-wheeled home in the off-season.

“We've found that traveling in the van supplemented by seasonal employment is way more affordable than living in an apartment in the city,' Emily explained. “We spend the bulk of our money on food, gas, and experiences and have cut out expenses like new clothes, furniture, electricity bills and so on.”

The pair is even kind enough to share their journeys with their nearly 10,000 Instagram followers, showing off a few of the gorgeous destinations they get to see, along with a few behind the scenes snaps of what van life is really like.

The couple noted that they have already traveled coast to coast in their van, and hope to take it abroad again in the near future. But, for now, the duo says they are happy to simply be traveling together, seeing more of North America and stopping in to see family and friends along the way.