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By Lindsey Campbell
August 02, 2016
Experience the beauty of Coral Reef with this 360-degree underwater tour
Credit: ullstein bild via Getty Images

The demise of Coral Reef is a very real threat. One that should totally motivate you to not only treat our planet well, but also book an amazing scuba diving vacation. Until then, explore the beauty of the world’s most vibrant eco-system in this 360-degree, underwater tour. [IFL Science]

There’s a new speed train in town and this time it’s proposed to be built in Texas. [Texas Monthly]

A proposal first made last June by the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate emissions from aircrafts may cause price hikes in airfare. [The Daily Signal]

Whether you live in a big city or a small country town a few moments of peace and quiet are always welcome. But quiet—true silence—is hard to come by. However it may be worth the search, there are surprising health benefits to soaking in that silence. [NY Mag]

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