In a world where Kickstarter campaigns raise millions of dollars and gadgets reign supreme, it's no surprise that the travel world sees some quirky inventions. This year did not disappoint, with the introduction of "modular tech" travel shoes, luggage you can ride, and more. Read on and start compiling that wishlist.

By Erika Owen
Updated March 21, 2016
wackiest travel gear
Credit: © H. Mark Weidman Photography / Alamy Stock Photo

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Shooz shoes, zip-on
Credit: Shooz

1 Shooz: Modular Tech Travel Shoes

Packing shoes is the bane of any avid travelers' existence. You never know what weather to pack for, and shoes were not shaped for suitcase storage. Enter: Shooz, the footwear that folds flat and is fully customizable (thanks to a nifty zipper system).

wacky travel gear

2 Modobag: Rideable Luggage

Unfortunately, this is one Kickstarter campaign that never saw the light of day. Modobag was designed to be a series of rideable suitcases that reach a fiesty speed of 8 mph (three times faster than the average walking speed, according to the creators). We can only hope that 2016 brings along something as creative as this.

camping gear
Credit: Aromaflage

3 Aromaflage: Perfume-esque Bug Repellant

No one like the scent of bug repellant—especially knowing all of the chemicals that go into making that smell. Aromaflage boasts notes of cardamom, cedar wood, and spruce; perfect for the classy camper in your life.

Credit: Baubax

4 BauBaux: The Travel Jacket That Raised more than $1M on Kickstarter

There's a reason this jacket was so darn popular—it not only had pockets for literally everything, it had a few built-in amenities that actually made traveling a little more comfortable (blow-up neck pillow, anyone?). The BauBaux Travel Jacket has since been funded (and then some) and is available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

wacky travel gear

5 Aviator Jacket: Travel Coat with a See-Through Boarding Pass Pocket

While the BauBaux Travel Jacket was impressive for its attention to a wide range of details, the Aviator Jacket makes the list for its sole focus of housing your important documents (or smartphone). A transparent pocket on the sleeve of the jacket makes losing your boarding pass/passport/ID/smartphone almost impossible.

Credit: Courtesy of Shelfpack

6 ShelfPack: Suitcase with Fold-Out Shelves

The answer to all of your long-term vacation packing? A suitcase with collapsible shelves. ShelfPack is perfect for those people looking to turn their temporary housing into a quasi-home.

Credit: Carry On Cocktail Kit

7 Carry-On Cocktail Kit

It's 5 o'clock somewhere! This carry-on cocktail kit gives you everything you need (minus the alcohol) for enjoying your favorite libation 40,000 feet in the air. Why it made the list: almost all airlines offer their own version of most traditional cocktails, meaning you could save the carry-on space and have someone else make it for you.

Students Create Products from Plane Materials
Credit: KLM via YouTube

8 Travel Accessories Made from Airplane Parts

When KLM debuted their new business class cabin design, the brand teamed up with the Design Academy Eindhoven to dole out a class assignment worthy of Project Runway. Students were required to create travel accessories using only the materials found from scavenging the previous airplane design's skeleton.