Samsung phone tests
Credit: Getty Images

With all of the news around the faultiness of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the new airport drop-off points the company has created, you may want to check if your own Galaxy is working correctly—whether or not you own the Note 7.

Like with many phones, there are some hidden features in the Samsung Galaxies, including a secret menu that will help you diagnose any issues your phone may be having.

Mashable shared an in-depth look at how to access this special menu, but here are the cliff notes.

Option 1: Open the Phone App and Press *#0*#

When you do this, a test menu should pop up with options like "Red," "Green," "Blue," "Receiver," "Sleep," "Touch," and so on. Each Galaxy phone has a different set of tests, but these choices will help you narrow down what's going wrong (if anything) with your gadget.

Option 2: Check Battery Voltage

All of the recent issues with the Galaxy Note 7 have been around faulty batteries. To check your phone's battery voltage, type *#0228# into the phone dialer. Now, you're going to have to know a bit about batteries to decipher this information, but assuming you do, you'll know if something is off from taking a look at this screen.