These return boxes are seriously intense.

By Erika Owen
Updated: January 21, 2017

Samsung recently discontinued the production of its Galaxy Note 7 after numerous explosions on airplanes and other public spaces. The FAA had previously moved to ban the devices from airplanes, and Samsung is now sending Galaxy Note 7 owners fire-proof boxes to send their faulty devices back in.

This isn't a simple box-and-ship situation: users are encouraged to don provided rubber gloves before placing the phone in a static-shielding pouch. The pouch then goes in an OEM replacement box, which then goes in a second box, which then goes in a third (and final) thermal box. Printed on the front of these boxes: "Damaged/defective lithium ion battery, forbidden for transport by aircraft, ground and vessel shipment only."

A YouTube page by the name of xdadevelopers did an unboxing of sorts for the system. Check it out, above.