The epitome of modern romance.

By Andrea Romano
November 26, 2017
Credit: Courtesy of RokShok

Remember, kids: It’s not a real proposal if you don’t put it on Instagram.

The RokShok, a smartphone case that doubles as an engagement ring box, turns your most intimate, special moment with your beloved potential forever partner into the perfect opportunity for the most likes you’ll probably ever get in your lifetime.

It’s the ultimate culmination of “pics or it didn’t happen.”

But in all fairness, it’s probably more original than that cliché hand photo that everyone else posts when they get engaged.

The RokShock is perfectly designed to pop the ring into view in the foreground of your phone’s camera as you focus the rest of the frame on your future spouse — taking in the whole moment through a lens.

Credit: Courtesy of RokShok

Let’s just hope it's a “yes,” and you’re not streaming on Facebook Live.

The smartphone case runs for $39.95, a small price to pay for the perfect engagement social media moment.

The RokShok is now available for pre-order only on the company’s website. Shipping is expected to begin in June 2018 — just in time for wedding season.