By Melissa Locker
July 07, 2016
Credit: Starship Technologies

Next time you’re holed up in your London hotel room, too exhausted from sightseeing to choose a restaurant, consider ordering a robot to deliver your dinner.

UK delivery app Just Eat in London is taking part in a trial program to use six-wheeled droids to get food to hungry customers. If the trials are successful, the streets of London may soon be filled with adorable little droids.

Starship Technologies, a company created by two of the founders of Skype, is providing the droids for use in London, England; Bern, Switzerland; and Dusseldorf, Germany.

Credit: Starship Technologies

Over the past nine months, the little bots have been vetted and tested in 12 countries, reports Bloomberg. The London, Bern, and Dusseldorf trials will be the first time businesses will be putting the technology to use to deliver actual food to actual customers. No word on whether customers will need to tip the delivery bot.

Starship Technologies designed the robots to make their delivery rounds within a two- or three-mile radius of their base.

Credit: Starship Technologies

They move at about 4mph, which should give everyone plenty of time to get out of the way. Starship says its robots have met over 400,000 people so far without a single accident.

When the robot makes its delivery, the customer has to enter a unique code in order to open the hood and remove their food. To allay the concerns of any who has watched Terminator a few too many times, the robots are monitored by a human who can take control at any time. (Or so the robot would have us think.)

Bloomberg notes Starship is planning to announce more customers and more countries soon, including some location within in the United States. For now, if you want to boss a robot around, book a ticket to London, Bern, or Dusseldorf.