Imagine all the missed airport Mario Kart race opportunities.

By John Scarpinato
November 19, 2015

If Chicago entrepreneur Kevin O’Donnell had it his way, we would all be zipping through the terminal on our luggage. Because if North West can do it, then why shouldn’t we? Unfortunately, the Kickstarter for his Modobag—which can whip you around at a breakneck 8 mph—failed to drum up enough money.

If funded, O’Donnell promised a suitcase with GPS tracking, USB ports, and 85 percent of the stowage space found in a typical piece of carry-on luggage. Not to mention a motor, which was predicted to get you to your destination three times (three times!) faster than the average walking speed.

I guess we’ll just have to settle with a scooter suitcase for now.