By Sara Clemence
February 12, 2016
Pockit Stroller Capri Blue
Credit: Courtesy of GB

Taking a stroller through airport security can feel like trying to fold a pterodactyl and jam it through an x-ray machine—while your kid is crying harder than she ever has in her life and spare diapers keep jumping out of your carry-on.

A stroller that’s about to hit the U.S. market could let traveling families leave that drama behind. Unfolded, the GB Pockit is a small-ish umbrella stroller—it even has a basic sunshade. Hold a couple of buttons and give the back a nudge with your knee, and it collapses into a package so small you can tuck it under your arm, or into a tote or handbag.

The Pockit will be available in stores including Buy Buy Baby in March, and will cost about $229. It can hold children from six months up to 55 pounds, and comes in six colors.