By Cailey Rizzo
February 22, 2017
Credit: Courtesy of Wayne Fromm / Fromm Works Inc.

The inventor of the Selfie Stick is coming out with a new device that he promises will be “less annoying.”

The “Selfie Stick It” allows people to snap pictures of themselves from a distance, using a wall instead of an obtrusive stick to balance a cell phone.

The device will allow selfie-takers to affix their phones to a wall and stand away while snapping a picture. After the photo is taken, users will be able to easily remove their phones from the wall without leaving a trace.

Wayne Fromm invented the Selfie Stick in 2005, two years before anybody had an iPhone. He named it the Quik Pod and patented the device. But a few years later, manufacturers began mass-producing knockoffs of the device and selling them everywhere. Fromm is taking precautions to ensure that the same thing does not happen with his new device, he told CBC News in Canada.

Credit: Courtesy of Wayne Fromm / Fromm Works Inc.
Credit: Courtesy of Wayne Fromm / Fromm Works Inc.

When it premieres on The Shopping Channel later this spring, the Selfie Stick It could become an excellent way to snap group shots—whether users choose to take pictures indoors or affix their phones to cars, walls, or rocks outside.

In recent years, selfie sticks have been banned from Disney World and several museums around the world after tourists went to extreme (and meddlesome) ways to snap memorable selfies.