Each one is perfect for a particular type of traveler.

By Kira Turnbull
August 17, 2015

This summer, three companies debuted new camera totes, each with a particular type of explorer in mind. Whether you’re the kind of traveler who would hike Mt. Kilimanjaro just to take that breathtaking panoramic photo, or you’re more likely to be found in Paris getting a shot of your family on the Seine, one of these bags will be a perfect camera companion.

The City-Goer

To mark Leica’s 100th anniversary, designer bag brand ONA, which is known for their popular camera bags, has partnered with the iconic camera company to create the Berlin II messenger. This leather bag comes in a jet-black or honey-brown exterior with Leica’s signature crimson felt interior. The lining protects the camera from any scratching with compartments designated for the camera body, lens, and accessories. There are also other extra pockets perfect for storing other travel essentials like an iPad, ear buds, or personal items. Although the camera is designed to fit the Leica M-Series, it also holds a variety of DSLR kits. The one downside of the bag is its weight, which can be wearing after a few hours. However, the Berlin II has more than enough space to store your wallet, phone, and keys, which eliminates the need to carry an additional purse or tote. This is a great bag for walking around a city as long as you’re able to give your back a rest every once in a while. (The perfect excuse to stop for a latte?) Retail Price: $399

The Adventurous Snapper

The start-up company known for its two-in-one Miggo strap has just launched its newest product: the Agua bag. The bag, which was funded by KickStarter, is made for withstanding rainy, humid conditions while still giving users quick and easy access to their cameras. Described as a “stormproof, quick-draw holster,” the small, incredibly lightweight case features a waterproof layer of tarapaulin and an interior made of neoprene and Lycra for extra padding. The bag comes in a few different sizes, but the Agua 45 Pro is the largest option; it’s perfect for toting around a medium DSLR, but is still too compact to hold extra lenses. Overall, it’s a great product to bring on any outdoor trips where the weather might be unpredictable. Retail Price: $69.99

CAMBAG0815-miggo agua

The Extreme Sports Traveler

World-renowned pro surfer Kelly Slater has teamed up with Incase to create the Limited Edition Pro Pack. The large backpack is specifically designed for Go Pro cameras and accessories, but offers plenty of room to store a DSLR or other travel essentials in the top compartment. The pack is completely waterproof and comes with a wide array of separate compartments, including an accessory organizer for a Go Pro and a tiger-print rain fly. Due to its large size, this is not a quick-access camera bag. However, if you want to take some serious shots while zip-lining through the Costa Rican rainforest or checking out aerials in Hawaii, then this backpack is perfect. Retail Price: $249.95