POD Tents Let Campers Create a Palace of Interconnected Rooms

Photo: Courtesy of Pod Tents

Half the fun of camping (aside from the stunning sights) is hopping between your fellow campers' tents to chat or compare camping gadgets. POD Tents are meant to be used as a series of shelters that can be connected to each other, not just one sleeping space for a few (although, you can do that, too). The tents come in two sizes: POD Maxi (sleeps eight) and POD Mini (sleeps four). "Sleeper cells"—basically dividers to create separate rooms in the tent—can be purchased for extra privacy. The idea is that campers will have easy access to each other for a more social experience. This is the thing festivalgoers dreams are made of.

Maxis are going for $700, Minis are around $575, and sleeper cells can be bought for $139. Note: Extra parts to create the tunnels between the tents are sold separately. Need a visual? Here's a look at how the PODS are connected:

The structures provide ample room for socializing, sleeping, storing—whatever you need your tent to do. Here's a look at real life set-up with some of the tents:

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