Can adults fit in this, too? (Asking for a friend.)


This is the toy car you’ve been looking for.

Ever since A New Hope came out in theaters, who didn’t want to be like Luke Skywalker? He was the ultimate hero -- channeling The Force, fighting with lightsabers ... and even before he learned all his Jedi skills, he cruised around on the coolest vehicle in the galaxy.

Now, Luke’s Landspeeder, the sun-faded X-34 craft you can see him riding around in the original Star Wars movie, is a kid-sized, driveable car made by Radio Flyer.

The car seats two (kid) riders, an interactive dashboard with lights and real movie sounds, and driving speeds up to five miles per hour. While it doesn’t hover above the ground — sorry, it has wheels — it sounds like an out-of-this-world experience.

According to the toy’s specs, The gear shift switches between two miles per hour forward, five miles per hour forward, or two miles per hour in reverse. A12V rechargeable battery and charger are included. It's for ages 4 and up, and the max weight 130 lbs.

Sadly, it’s not for most adults, but you can share the experience with the next generation of Padawans.