By Erika Owen
September 25, 2015

Any seasoned hiker will attest that the lighter the pack, the more enjoyable the experience. And as far as travel gear goes, Kickstarter seems to be a breeding ground for new and innovation ideas. Enter: SOL Water—a California-based project that's currently searching for funding on Kickstarter. The design uses the power of the sun to produce clean drinking water minus the filters, batteries, and/or chemicals other water filtration devices tend to use. The water resevoirs are durable—they had someone stand on a full bag to prove it in the video above—lightweight, and they come with a handy snap-on handle for easy carrying.

Each bag comes with step-by-step directions printed on the back so there's no messing up the already super easy process. The bags come in three sizes: Survivalist, weighing in at 0.5 ounces and carrying 1 liter of water; the 1-liter Day Tripper, a little heavier at 1 ounce thanks to a built in spout; and the Backpacker, a 2-liter bag clocking in at 2.6 ounces. Fun fact: You can also use it as a waterproof bag for keeping your electronics safe in impromptu storms and whatever else may come your way. It can also withstand boiling temperatures, so you can cook quick meals (think: anything that boasts "just add water!"). For more information on how to get your own, head on over to SOL Water on Kickstarter.