By Erika Owen
June 17, 2015
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Sleeping in airport
Credit: © Steve Craft/Corbis

No matter how magical/mystical/life-changing your trip abroad may have been, we all suffer through the same jet-setting side effects. It (almost) makes more sense to take an extra day off of work on the tail end of your voyage dedicated to recovery. A New Zealand company is hoping to make your return a little easier with a drink that could potentially knock jet lag out of the equation, or at least make it more bearable.

1Above comes in various sizes (depending on your flight length) and forms (ready-to-drink bottle, dissolvable tablet, or concentrate). It’s already taken off in New Zealand and Australia, but the brew is now available in the United States and Canada. The real work comes from the drink's three main ingredients: a natural pine bark extract, electrolytes, and essential B vitamins. While tried-and-true water will also do the trick, the 1Above mix throws in a few energy-boosting additives and makes it easier to know just how much fluid to take in depending on how long you’re in the air, thanks to their appropriately sized bottles.

We sent Amy Schellenbaum—one of T+L's jet-setting editors who happened to be on her way to Germany from New York City—off with some of the fizzing tablets. Her verdict: "It helped with my motion sickness, and generally made me feel like I was a bit more in control of my post-red-eye life. It was like alka-seltzer, but slightly less bubbly, and with a very subtle, inoffensively fruity taste." The final word: "It made me feel good. I don't know why."

You can find Above1 in Toronto, Newark, and Minnepolis airports at express markets, as well as in a few airport restaurants. 1Above is also available at

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