An Apple employee hands over Apple iPhone 7 phones on the first day of sales of the new phone at the Berlin Apple store
Credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

As the iPhone celebrates its 10th anniversary, rumors are swirling that this year’s release is going to feature some of the most drastic changes in the device’s history.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Apple has scheduled a product announcement event for September 12, where they are likely to make the grand reveal of the iPhone 8.

If the rumors are true, customers are likely to notice the biggest change in how the device looks. Apple is rumored to have cut back on the iPhone 8’s bezel (what surrounds the screen) for an edge-to-edge display. In this redesign, the home button is likely to disappear as well. New OLED panels are also likely, making the screens brighter and more colorful than previous models.

The phone is also rumored to have a host of new security features, including a custom fingerprint scanner and improved facial recognition, thanks to a front-facing 3-D sensor. Face ID could allow customers to open and unlock their phone or pay for purchases just by looking into the camera.

One of the most exciting rumors surrounding the iPhone 8 is its built-in ability for wireless charging, perhaps even long-distance.

In terms of camera, the iPhone 8 will most likely improve upon last year’s iPhone 7 offering. The iPhone 8 is rumored to have two lenses on the back (like the iPhone 7 Plus), although they will be stacked on top of each other vertically.

It may also have a new “SmartCam” feature, which will be able to identify the subject of the photo and adjust the camera’s settings accordingly. This rumored feature would be particularly useful for photographing notoriously difficult subjects like fireworks, sports, and paper documents.

The colors of the phone are still being debated among leakers. General consensus is that there will be four options available, three of which are standard (gold, silver, and black). There will likely be two, perhaps even three, different sizes of the phone available as well.

When the new phones premiere, they will run on iOS 11. The new operating system will include the ability to send friends money via iMessage and Apple Pay, ask Siri for translations, and use Apple Maps to navigate places like airports and shopping malls.

According to the tech blog Mac4Ever, Apple will release updates of the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7S, and iPhone 7S Plus, alongside the new iPhone 8.

Although we won’t know for certain until the grand reveal, the biggest reasons to update from an iPhone 7 appear to be the iPhone 8’s screen (the largest of any iPhone ever) and facial recognition abilities.

The rumored iPhone 8 could have comparable specs to the Samsung Galaxy S8, released earlier this year. Although the iPhone 8 could have a smaller, lower-resolution screen, it could have a faster processor. However it could borrow a few features from the Samsung phone, including the ability to use a stylus on the screen.

The new phones are predicted to be on store shelves starting September 22. Prices are estimated between $999 and $1,299, depending on model. However some other rumors are reporting that because of technical difficulties, the phones might not actually be available until October or November.

All the details will be revealed on September 12.