By Tom Samiljan
May 13, 2015
wearable products for travel
Credit: From left to right, Courtesy of Apple; Courtesy of Bragi; Courtesy of Narrative; Courtesy of Netatmo

1. Apple Watch

Apple’s first smartwatch lets you pay for coffee, get directions, hail a taxi, and more. Best practice: Use it to put boarding passes on your wrist via Passbook or as your room key at Starwood hotels. From $349.

2. Bragi Dash Earbuds

These Bluetooth, noise-canceling earbuds have built-in biometric capabilities. Best practice: Clock your steps while listening to a walking tour, thanks to sensors that track your calorie burn and heart rate. $300.

3. Narrative Clip 2

The inconspicuous square clip continuously takes pictures everywhere you go. Best practice: Stop seeing the world through your phone or camera. You’ll get plenty of cityscapes without pressing a button. $199.

4. June by Netatmo

This sleek bracelet measures and analyzes UV rays. Best practice: Never get sunburned again. June’s companion app notifies you when it’s time to reapply your SPF 50 or head into the shade. $129.