It’s really kind of endearing.

By John Scarpinato
January 08, 2016
Nua Robotics

In the latest futuristic luggage news, we now have a suitcase that doesn’t require pushing or pulling. That’s right, the new carry-on from NUA Robotics uses Bluetooth technology and a camera sensor to roll alongside its owner, hands-free. (Think puppy meets robot meets suitcase.) As far as smart luggage is concerned, NUA’s bag really ups the ante as it incorporates many features that competitors also tout including GPS, weight tracking, an anti-theft alarm, and a charging station. A rechargeable battery that lasts between 60- and 90-minutes powers the small box. So, here’s to hoping you don’t get caught in any excruciatingly long security lines.

NUA Robotics isn’t the only company to take a stab at hands-free luggage. In 2012, design student Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez developed essentially the same thing—though he didn’t seem to execute a fully working product. While their suitcase is still in the testing phase, Alex Libman, NUA co-founder and CEO, told Mashable that he hopes to have the suitcase ready for purchase in about a year. Looks like there's hope for the type of traveler who wishes rideable luggage would have become a real thing.