By Erika Owen
February 23, 2017
Courtesy of Flash Torch

No matter how easy it looks in the movies, starting a fire is hard when you've got little more than some wood and a bit of fiber. Now, most people in this situation would come a little more prepared, but just think: a flashlight that could start a fire for you? That's a camper's dream come true.

Courtesy of Flash Torch

And that's exactly what the Flash Torch Mini does. Made by a company called Wicked Lasers (if that doesn't give you a peek into how awesome this piece of gear is, I don't know what will), the flashlight runs off of a rechargeable battery. The tiny tool has the power to produce up to 2,300 lumens of intense white light. To give you a comparison, a high-beam headlight produces around 1,200 lumens of light.

Not only does it start your fire, but it can also cook small portions of food using a small (specially made) attachable bowl. Check it out in action:

This flashlight is made from "military-grade anodized aluminum," according to the product website. What that means: It's going to survive any camping situation you find yourself in. It also has three modes that allow you to choose the intensity of the light. 

Courtesy of Flash Torch

But the very best part of this entire thing may be Wicked Lasers' tagline for the Flash Torch: "Why illuminate when you can incinerate?"

Well said.