This is the ultimate way to live vicariously without suffering major FOMO.

Instagram Roadtrip
Credit: Getty Images

Gideon Jacobs, a man of many titles and contributor to Vice, has been on a road trip from New York to San Francisco. The catch: he hasn’t left his neighborhood in Brooklyn. Through the use of Instagram geotags, Gideon is sharing his uniquely selected journey through photographs that have already been shared via the platform. With each moment being appropriated for Gideon’s #InstaRoadTrip2016, he’s able to give a personal account of the (fictional) experience.

“What I'm interested in is disorientation—the way our culture of image making and sharing can make fact feel like fiction, and fiction like fact," he says. "That is, as personal storytelling/broadcasting becomes our primary motivation for being, acting and doing, the line between story and reality is sure to blur.” We live in a culture that is under constant curation of our lives, projecting a lifestyle that is more fiction that reality—concealing latergrams for the uneventful days and even using other people’s photographs to post as your own.

All of that being said, Jacobs' method is much more personal then touring landmarks via Google Streetview. You can follow along on Jacobs’ virtual journey at #InstaRoadTrip2016.

Mariah Tyler is a digital photo editor at Travel+Leisure. You can follow her on Instagram at @mphbox.