By Melissa Locker
August 10, 2016
Looking out from a Cessna in the air.
Credit: Getty Images

A woman dropped her iPhone out of an airplane—and it survived. Keep that in mind the next time you drop your phone two feet and it shatters.

Jeannine Buck was taking photos with her iPhone as she flew in a Cessna over Vancouver’s Stanley Park when her phone slipped from her grasp and tumbled 2,500 feet to the ground. Buck watched as her phone fell through the many trees that fill the park.

“My first thought was: 'What? Did that really just happen?” she told the Abbotsford News.

After the plane landed, Buck went to find what she assumed would be the smashed remains of her phone. Using the Find My Phone app, she was able to track the general location of the phone. To find its exact location, she did what everyone who ever loses their phone in their own bedroom does—she started calling it.

She located the phone and was shocked to discover that it was completely intact, with no apparent damage. No scratches—nothing. Buck posted photos of the phone on Facebook that support her tale of tech survival.

Buck says she has learned her lesson about using a phone near an open plane window. She also has a newfound respect for distinct ringtones.

“I had just changed the ringtone [that] morning from 'Stayin' Alive,'” she told the Abbotsford News. “I've since changed in back in honor of the phone's will to live.”