By Cailey Rizzo
February 22, 2017

Disney is in the business of making magic. And now, according to new research, they’re working on a way to install a magical system that would be able to wirelessly power an entire room and charge devices.

Disney Research revealed last week that it has created a prototype living room able to transfer power wirelessly to 10 objects including a smartphone, a lamp, a fan, and an RC car. The technology is called “Quasistatic Cavity Resonance for Ubiquitous Wireless Power Transfer,” which basically translates to a way to completely cut cables and wires out of the picture.

The project centers around a copper pipe, which can shoot up to 1900 watts of free-flowing power into the room (the walls, ceiling, and floor must be made of special aluminum paneling) without harming any humans inside. Right now, humans have to maintain a distance of 18 inches from the center pole.

Outside the room are a signal generator and a power amplifier. When everything is turned on, the room becomes a uniform magnetic field that can be tapped into with a wire coil. This wire coil would then transfer energy to any devices with receivers.

The research could have wide-reaching effects for travelers, as Disney theme parks could implement this technology in hotel rooms or create special “charging areas” for guests. Don’t expect to see this in action for quite a few more years, but one day you may be able to leave your adapters and chargers behind when jet-setting around the world with tech.