Just use it once, then throw it away.

By Andrea Romano
July 31, 2017
Courtesy of CasusGrill

Your grill doesn’t have to collect dust for three-quarters of the year.

The CasusGrill is compact, lightweight, and specifically designed for a single use. Because it is made of cardboard, this tiny, “instant grill” is perfect for quick picnics, road trip rest stops, or apartment dwellers who have little more than fire escapes for their summer barbecues.

Made from all-natural materials, The CasusGrill uses hot rocks (yep, just rocks) that insulate the outer cardboard from heat and flames – just in case you were concerned about how flammable cardboard can be.

Inside, you light the bamboo charcoal to get about one hour of heat, just enough time to grill up something delicious. The grate on the outside is also made out of bamboo. When you’re all done, you can toss the entire grill, rocks and all.

Courtesy of CasusGrill

While the disposability of the CasusGrill seems wasteful, it actually makes perfect sustainability sense. According to Fast Company, a disposable aluminum grill takes about 400 years to biodegrade. Plus, the CasusGrill allows you to use less charcoal.

While the cardboard grill may not be great for all-day burger cookouts or big group barbecues, the $8 price point is pretty nice if you want an easy way to grill on the go.