This James Bond-esque gadget could save lives.

By Jess McHugh
February 22, 2017
Courtesy of Force Training Institute

While this laptop case may look like an ordinary bag for carrying around a portable computer or other work items, it might have more in common with a gadget designed for James Bond.

The case can be unfolded with one flick of the wrist and converted into a ballistic shield, capable of keeping several people safe from bullets or knives.

The Force Training Institute, an organization that trains companies for workplace firearm incidents and active shooter events, developed the ballistic shield for both people working in security and law enforcement, as well as travelers visiting countries where the security situation is uncertain.

The organization developed the laptop/shield because other self-protection options were simply impractical, according to CEO Howard Mallen.

“No one is going to carry around what looks like a tactical, ballistic shield,” Mallen told Travel + Leisure.

Courtesy of Force Training Institute

Whether working as a guard in a school, public place, or elsewhere, it has the advantage of being discreet and therefore not likely to escalate a potential active shooter scenario.

“You can walk around in a crowded mall, and no one would have any idea what that is,” he said.

Made of custom cut Kevlar and measuring just 12 inches by 17.5 inches when folded, it can unfold to a length of three feet and shield multiple people.

FTI created an online course for product users, but the shield does not require any specific training and carriers are not required to own a license of any kind to carry it.

The shield is a good choice for people who might work or travel in dangerous places and are not comfortable owning a gun or other concealed weapon, Mallen pointed out.

It is available for $899 online, which is nearly half the price of most ballistic shields.