Sleeping anywhere that isn't your bed is hard, whether that be on an airplane, on a train or in a car. But the creators of the Duo travel pillow are so convinced that they've solved the issue of sleeping while traveling, that they'll take back your pillow — no questions asked — if you're not completely satisfied.

It's a soft, inflatable neck pillow that can be worn four different ways, depending on your sleep style. Most notable is the ability to wear it so there's a thin cushion underneath your chin. (They call this style of wearing it “The Beard.”) This keeps your head from bobbing up and down as you try to fall asleep. The pillow also has a hood attached, in case you're looking for some privacy.

Also worth mentioning is the pillow's cell phone pocket and the wide-mouth inflation air valve. (The designers say it'll only take two big puffs of air to get this pillow inflated.)

The other three methods of wearing this pillow include “The Bear Hug,” for travelers who like to lean forward on to the tray table; “The Field Goal,” for those who like to sleep with their head straight and leaning on the seat's headrest; and “The Shoulder Pad,” for those who sleep with their head to one side or the other.

At the time this story was published, the Duo creators have raised more than $291,000 for their campaign on Kickstarter. Not bad, considering their original goal was $12k.

Want to know more about what the pillow has to offer? Check out the project on Kickstarter.