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Apple's AirPods, the delayed wireless earbuds, have gone on sale at the online Apple Store. They cost $159.

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Apple announced the AirPods along the iPhone 7 in September with an expected shipping date of "late October."

But in October, Apple indefinitely delayed the new wireless earbuds, and didn't give an updated date that they would go on sale. Many people, including your correspondent, thought that the device would miss the Christmas shopping season entirely.

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Surprise! They went on sale on Tuesday morning. Apple says that they will start arriving at Apple Stores and other retailers next week.

We were able to order two pairs. Apple says our order will be delivered before Christmas, on December 21.

However, an hour and a half after they went on sale, Apple's expected delivery estimate for the AirPods has already slipped to December 29, after Christmas.

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"AirPods will be shipping in limited quantities at launch and customers are encouraged to check online for updates on availability and estimated delivery dates," Apple said in a press release.

Apple also updated its product page for its new Beats X headphones to say that they will ship by February on Tuesday.