The greatest Apple mystery of all time has been solved. Sort of.

By Melanie Lieberman
Updated: October 25, 2016
Getty Images

If you have somehow avoided the bad news, we’re here to break it to you: Apple has stripped the iPhone 7 its headphone jack, and there's nothing exciting in its place.

Tech blog iFixit has taken apart the latest iPhone, and behind the adhesives they found a rather disappointing element.

“In place of the headphone jack,” reported iFixit, “we found a component that seems to channel sound from outside the phone into the microphone...or from the Taptic Engine out. No fancy electronics here, just some well-designed acoustics and molded plastic.”

According to Apple, this isn’t just a space-filler. It’s a “barometric vent” to equalize the phone’s internal pressure and allow the iPhone to accurately report altitude changes.

So you can’t use traditional headphones without an adapter, but you can monitor your change in altitude. Yay?

If all that makes you absolutely furious, don’t worry. As Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering Dan Riccio told BuzzFeed, “This 50-year-old connector—just a hole filled with air—[is] just sitting there taking up space, really valuable space.”

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