With so many backpacks on the market today, it's tough to find one that has every little thing you may need while traveling—security, organizational space, a phone charger. Enter Boolsa, a smartphone-enabled backpack that alerts you when someone is trying to tamper with your stuff that's currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Here's how it works: A smartphone app allows the user to arm and disarm the security alarm on the backpack. When you step out of the vicinity of your bag—something we never really recommend when you're traveling, anyway—the pack can set off a high-pitched alarm if someone tries to take the bag or get inside of it. The alarm also works when you're wearing it.

Aside from the alarm, the backpack has another important safety feature: an SOS button that can send your location to a designated emergency contact.

You can also track your Boolsa bag if you lose it, and find its location via the smartphone app.

Once you receive your bag, you register it with an email address and a password. Anyone who takes your bag will not be able to access the backpack's features and you'll be sent a notification via the app with location info in case someone does try to access it.

Aside from the many safety features, the bag has everything that other top-of-the-line backpacks have: water-resistant outer materials, inner organizational system, gadget charging station, hidden pockets, and a shoe compartment.

Want to know more? Check out the Boolsa Kickstarter campaign.