The first delivery was completed in 13 minutes.

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Amazon Delivering Stuff With Drones Is Actually Happening
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

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Amazon’s dream of flying package-delivering drones appears to be grounded in reality.

The retail giant announced Wednesday that it launched a small drone delivery trial on Dec. 7 in the United Kingdom. It’s currently working with just two shoppers who can order their goods by drone. In the future, it plans to expand the trial to a few dozen, then hundreds of shoppers who live near its Prime Air fulfillment center near Cambridge in the U.K.

Here’s how the drone delivery process works: The drones are loaded in the fulfillment center, then rolled out on rails. After they take off, the full flight is conducted autonomously, including the landing.

All deliveries, which are limited to five pounds, are supposed to arrive within 30 minutes. The first delivery brought the customer an Amazon Fire TV and a bag of popcorn.

Company CEO Jeff Bezos tweeted Wednesday morning that the whole process was completed in 13 minutes:

The current batch of customers can order seven days a week, but only during daylight hours and when weather conditions are favorable for flying.