Get stoked! 3x1 and Token have teamed up for Summer 2015.

By Courtney Kenefick
July 06, 2015
Zach Hilty

3x1’s latest partnership lets wave-riding denim-heads bring their jeans obsesssion out to sea. The cult denim brand, known for their custom made-in-New York pants, has teamed up with Brooklyn-based Token, who creates handmade surfboards for East Enders. Together, the two have produced a collection of three boards, each adorned with its own unique selvedge denim. The fabric is inlayed into boards of different sizes and shapes for a series of three distinct designs. Better still, the pieces come with a matching travel bag and board sleeve made out of—yes, you guessed it—denim. And, like a favorite pair of jeans, the boards can be tailored to their rider. The option to customize a board is available at 3x1’s Southampton store.

3x1 + Token surfboards are available at 3x1’s Southampton store, 44A Main St., and on their website.