The Best Four Colors to Have in Your Travel Instagram

Having these colors in travel photos can draw the most engagement — here's why.

A colorful scene can be seen on the streets of Carlsbad.
Photo: Courtesy of Visit Carlsbad

Certain colors have the ability to draw viewers in, particularly when it comes to travel photography.

To identify which of these colors are drawing the most interest, the Pantone Color Institute, influencer marketing platform Fohr, and Visit Carlsbad, teamed up to analyze the most engaged photos from 75 different influencers who had a following of 50,000 or greater, finding the four most common colors as part of their 2019 Colors of Travel Study.

The hues have been named according to the images they draw reference to and the emotions they evoke, with Visit Carlsbad creating a range of activities where visitors to the California beach stop can experience the shades.

They are: Rose Dawn (described as a soft and dusty pink), Ethereal Blue (an expansive blue hue often seen in open skies), Ocean Depths (a calming shade resembling the color of the sea and deep lagoons), and Harvest Gold (a warm yellow reminiscent of fall flowers and sunsets).

Pictured are the four most popular colors.
Courtesy of the Pantone Color Institute

Rose Dawn was given its name thanks to its association with the dawn and early morning sunrise, when a comforting sense of peace and quiet can be felt. The color, which is also found in florals, is associated with natural elements and a natural healthy glow, tying in thoughts of wellness, according to Laurie Pressman, Vice President of Pantone Color Institute.

A red algae body scrub celebrates Rose Dawn at Ocean Crest Spa.
A red algae body scrub celebrates Rose Dawn at Ocean Crest Spa. Courtesy of Visit Carlsbad

Ocean Depths is a teal color that fuses green and blue, showcasing hues often found in the ocean, on coastal shorelines, and in deep lagoons. The color combines attributes from both blue and green, including the feelings of calm often associated with blue and the feelings of soothing and healing attributed to green.

Ethereal Blue is reminiscent of clear blue skies, giving the feeling of endless opportunities to get outside and explore nature. The color is one we often see daily, which is why Pressman says the color also produces a sense of calm and tranquility when viewed.

The open skies and blue oceans of Carlsbad in Southern California.
The open skies and blue oceans paint scenes of Ethereal Blue in Carlsbad, California. Courtesy of Visit Carlsbad

Meanwhile, Harvest Gold is a shade often seen when fall arrives and golden leaves and florals abound. The color also draws reference to sandy beaches and images of spices used to create culinary delights.

"Color has always been a part of why we travel; the desire to 'see' a new place is rooted in a mental image we've already conjured." Grace Murray, Vice President at Fohr, said in a statement. "We are drawn to land and cityscapes that look drastically different to our own."

In celebration of the findings, Visit Carlsbad has created an interactive map showcasing new culinary offerings, wellness treatments, and outdoor experiences offering the new Colors of Carlsbad palette.

A grapefruit Paloma will be one of the cocktails offered at Chandler's.
A grapefruit Paloma will be one of the cocktails offered at Chandler's. Courtesy of Visit Carlsbad

These include everything from spa treatments like a red algae body scrub at Ocean Crest Spa and a facial incorporating Patagonian seaweed at The Spa at Omni La Costa, to culinary offerings like golden scallops at Jeane et Jolie and cocktails and beer offerings in pink, blue, and yellow tones at locations like Jeane et Jolie, Chandler's, Ocean Pool Bar and Grill at Park Hyatt Aviara Resort and Spa, Barrel Republic, and Park 101.

Visitors can also see these colors in the flower fields and lagoons found in Carlsbad, in addition to the beaches where water activities like jet skiing and kayaking await.

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