Read on to find out when plane tickets is expected to be at its cheapest.

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We're not one to question a cheap airplane ticket, but there's no doubt air travel has been getting more wallet-friendly as time goes on. In a world with $49 apology rates and the promise of steady $69 flights from the U.S. to Europe, you have to wonder: What's causing the dip in fare? Hopper—an app focused on sharing the best times to buy cheap airfare—has an answer.

We can applaud low oil prices combined with a decrease in demand for our cheap vacations. Hopper has been pulling data on airfare rates for years and found a few surprises: most notably, airfares for flights taking off next month are expected to be nine percent cheaper than they were in September. Compared to last year at this time, flights are 18 percent lower now. Low oil prices have always contributed to the dip in airfare, but Hopper has mentioned that this is the lowest drop they've seen so far. The best news: prices are expected to hit rock bottom in January (averaging around $200). Time to start planning that dream vacation. For the full report, head on over to Hopper.

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